First: Delivery and Installation

  • The delivery process is carried out to the address specified by the customer during the purchase process, provided that the customer’s residential area is within the approved service areas (the responsibility of the employee to determine the area).
  • Additional shipping fees are added to some areas in the kingdom that are 100 kilometers away from major cities.
  • The customer bears full responsibility for any errors in providing the correct delivery address, which may result in delivery to the wrong person, for example, or failure to complete the delivery, and the customer must pay the transportation fee of 150 Saudi riyals for each direction to attempt the delivery again.
  • Please provide the employee with active phone number(s) and respond to coordinate the delivery. The customer bears full responsibility if there is no response to the calls for coordination and completing the delivery procedures.
  • Delivery to the third floor is the maximum limit allowed by the company, and the staircase space must be suitable.
  • The devices must be received within a maximum of two weeks from the date of the invoice, unless the customer has coordinated and set the receipt date with the employee at the time of purchase and invoice preparation.
  • The company’s responsibility is limited to the installation of the devices only, and the customer is responsible for preparing the place for installation, including plumbing and electrical connections and ventilation and other requirements as indicated in the operation manual and the employee’s instructions.
  • The installation of wooden doors for refrigerators, washing machines, and built-in dishwashers is the responsibility of the kitchen company and not our responsibility.
  • The purchase invoice template is attached to the company’s employee, and it is required to be signed by the customer or their representative at the moment of receiving the devices.
  • The customer’s or their representative’s signature on the invoice acknowledges the receipt of the devices complete, free of defects and shortages, and matching the information on the invoice. The company is then released from any responsibility for any subsequent complaints raised by the customer.
  • The company has the right to charge storage fees for products that have not been received within 30 days, amounting to 5% of the device’s value per month.
  • If the invoice is canceled after storing it for more than 30 days, the storage fee becomes mandatory.
  • The customer cannot claim the same items on the invoice for the invoice not received for more than 30 days. The company has the right to cancel the invoice, refund the amount to the customer, or change the items according to availability, considering the price difference, while retaining the company’s right to deduct the aforementioned storage penalties.

Second: Replacement and Return

  • Returns and replacements can be made within 7 days from the date of purchase, with a maximum limit.
  • The customer has the right to replace or return the device if a manufacturing defect appears during installation or within 15 days of installation, provided that the installation was carried out by the company’s employees or authorized distributors in some areas of the kingdom, and the customer is informed of them in advance by the employee during the purchase.
  • If the conditions for returns are met, loyalty points, knights’ mileage programs, purchase vouchers from the company, purchase vouchers from strategic partnerships, coupon vouchers, and all other offers and gifts obtained by the customer during the purchase cannot be returned, but the customer has the right to exchange them for an equivalent value or more.
  • If the conditions for returns are met for products purchased with a credit card, the refund will be made through the bank, and the process may take up to 14 working days, depending on the customer’s bank. The amount cannot be refunded in cash.


The product warranty is valid from the date of purchase and lasts for two years, as indicated below:
  • The warranty period is subject to the decisions of the Ministry of Commerce regarding some parts.
  • The product warranty covers repairing manufacturing defects and does not include replacing the device.
  • It includes the replacement of original parts during the warranty period from the date of product purchase, and the customer cannot claim the replaced parts as they are disposed of by the company, only the inspection.
  • Product maintenance is only performed at authorized service centers in the kingdom.
  • The customer must present the stamped and approved warranty card or the original electronic purchase invoice, which includes customer information, purchase date, merchant tax number, and device model, in order to validate the warranty period.
  • After the warranty period ends, the device is subject to inspection and maintenance fees, as well as the cost of replacement parts.
  • The compressor warranty is 5 years from the date of purchase.
  • The compressor warranty does not cover visitation and inspection fees after the device warranty period ends.
Warranty does not cover faults resulting from the following:
  • Faults resulting from the lack of periodic cleaning of the device, such as pumps, filters, gas burners, or any part that could cause a malfunction in the device. In such cases, the customer bears the repair cost.
  • Faults resulting from the customer’s misuse, and this is determined by the authorized technician’s examination or the authorized maintenance center.
  • Faults resulting from improper installation if installed by an unauthorized entity.
  • Faults resulting from accidents and natural disasters.
  • Faults resulting from voltage fluctuations or electrical current problems.
  • Warranty does not cover the cleaning of filters, air conditioners, or external and internal accessories of the products.
  • Warranty does not cover changes in stainless steel color, appearance of rust and yellowing due to the use of harmful chemicals during cleaning or installation of appliances before cleaning marble sanding dust or chemicals used in cleaning, or failure to use a cover while cooking.
  • The sold devices are intended for household use, and the warranty is void if the devices are used for commercial and industrial activities.
  • Warranty does not cover the product if it undergoes repairs by an unauthorized entity.
  • Warranty does not cover the product if the purchase invoice is scratched or altered.
  • Warranty does not cover the product if the purchase invoice is not available.
  • Warranty does not cover the product if it is broken or burned by the customer.
  • Warranty does not cover errors resulting from the lack of a gas regulator or the installation of a gas regulator with a pressure higher than 50 millibars (5kpa).
  • Warranty does not cover errors resulting from the absence of ventilation holes in the cabinet (for built-in ovens and refrigerators) according to the catalog.
  • Warranty does not cover parts sold directly from spare parts centers and installed by a technician from outside the company or by the customer themselves.


External Maintenance:
  • Home visit and diagnosis fees are 230 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.
  • Diagnosis fee for any other device is 115 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes, for the same visit.
  • The fees must be paid to the technician in advance before the device inspection.
  • The warranty period for the repair is 30 days for the same defect and the same device.
Internal Maintenance:
  • Internal diagnosis and maintenance fee is 175 Saudi riyals (inclusive of taxes), excluding vacuum cleaners and water kettles.
  • Internal diagnosis and maintenance fee for vacuum cleaners and water kettles is 115 Saudi riyals (inclusive of taxes).
  • For devices not covered by the warranty, the customer must pay 85 Saudi riyals (inclusive of taxes) as a diagnostic fee, which is deducted from the internal maintenance fees.
  • If the repair is not approved, the paid diagnostic fee will not be refunded.
  • Upon device pickup, the customer must present and hand over the original device receipt for receiving their device; otherwise, we will be unable to deliver the device.
  • The customer must collect their device within a maximum of 30 days from the date of device receipt. If not collected, the company is not responsible for the device, and it has the right to dispose of it without any claims.
  • When purchasing a spare part from maintenance centers, any part can be returned or replaced within 7 days, provided it is returned in its original condition.
  • When purchasing any electronic part (electronic boards), the part can be returned or replaced within 3 days unless the packaging has been opened.
Fees for Installation and Disassembly of Devices:

For purchases from the company’s showrooms:

  • All devices are installed for free within the major cities where the company branches are located, except for island hoods.
  • Installation fee for island hoods is 345 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.

For purchases from external distributors:

  • Installation fee for island hoods is 750 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.
  • Installation fee for free-standing & built-in refrigerators is 150 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.
  • Installation fee for corner hoods is 250 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.
  • Installation fee for any other device is 75 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.
  • Disassembly fee for any device is 115 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes.
  • Cleaning and polishing fee for any device is 150 Saudi riyals inclusive of taxes and is only available at maintenance centers.