Terms and Conditions

Returns and Replacement

  1. The purchase invoice must be attached
  2. The device must be in its original condition, with all its accessories, with the same packaging and not opened.
  3. No device or spare parts installed will be returned or replaced.
  4. The customer shall bear the delivery and loading fees SR (150) per direction.
  5. Electronic spare parts not returned.
  6. The replacement and return will be within 7 days maximum of the purchase date. Subject to the above conditions.


The Italian Appliances trading company ensures the device shown on the invoice under the following conditions.
  1. The warranty period of two years from the date of the purchase invoice.
  2. You must keep the purchase original invoice for warranty approval.
  3. This warranty covers any technical defect from the factory throughout the warranty.
  4. The Warranty does not include a product used for commercial purposes.
  5. Warranty does not include fractures, glass, or damage caused by natural disasters or fire.
  6. WARRANTY DOES NOT INCLUDE faults caused by misuse of the appliances or faults caused by power supply problems or failure by complying with the operating and installation instructions in the product user manual.
  7. The warranty is canceled if the devices are exposed to opening by the customer or by a party not authorized by the company or any malfunction caused by the installation of the device by an unsupported party with the company.
  8. The warranty does not include changing the color of stainless steel in the event of not placing the crown or crane or installing the device before processing the marble or use materials damage the stainless steel when cleaning.


  1. Technical transfer fees for the home to maintain and failure detection (SAR 200)
  2. Fees must be paid to the technician in advance of the inspection of the appliance.
  3. After the inspection, the technician issues a repair report and a spare parts fee for the device and the customers have to approve before the repair starts.
  4. Warranty on reparation for a moth for the same malfunction.
  5. If the repair is not approved, the prepayment fee not refunded.
  6. Out-of-warranty devices the client must approve maintenance costs first and pay an advance payment prior to the commencement of maintenance and to the agency, the right not to be repaired is not approved.
  7. The customer must show the maintenance request card (original repair order) to receive the device after the necessary maintenance work  or we will have not to deliver the device.
  8. The customer must receive his/her  devices within a maximum period (30 days) from the date of repair and if he/she does not reclaim the  device the organization is not responsible  for the device and the enterprise is entitled to dispose of it because there are no demands