Built In Ovens 60

Built In Ovens 60

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Electric Multifunction Oven 45 cm x 60 cm 610-100X

The compact oven, combines the specifications of a real multifunction product with a 35 litres cavity resulting in a superb cooking performance. Perfect for small spaces or as additional second oven into your kitchen.
2,950.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven 60 cm 619-100

This multifunction oven with Pyrolytic function cleans itself. During the cleaning process the oven is warmed up to 500°C burning any fat residue left inside the oven. The door will lock automatically and not open until safe to touch again. When finished, simply wipe away the dust.
4,200.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven 60 cm 810-100X

With full touch controls, and advanced features of pre-heating temperatures with each cooking function. Just cook your meal at a touch of a button. The booster programme will rapidly preheat your oven, ready to cook your favourite meal in no time. Once the function is selected the oven will automatically display the correct temperature.
3,600.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven 60 cm 125-722X

Elementum ovens have the essential key cooking functions. They guarantee maximum safety, simplicity of use and maintenance while delivering high quality and excellent performances to the most demanding users.
1,950.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven 60 cm 111-624X

Alterum ovens are elegant and efficient. The sleek design of stainless steel and glass is combined with the essential key cooking functions.
2,000.00 (SAR)

Fan Gas Oven with Grill 60 cm 512-731X

This gas oven with gas grill has the extra benefit of a rotisserie, which browns your food on the outside whilst gently cooking on the inside, for very juicy meat and fish.
2,650.00 (SAR)