Built In Ovens 60

Built In Ovens 60

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Electric Multifunction Oven 60 cm 210-969

The Finest Elegance with the Full Black Glass Design This electric multifunciton oven is perfect for whom is looking for the highest level of design, modernity and elegance for its own house. Easy to clean and easy to use, it will help you on cooking easily and perfectly any kind of food, due also its special function such as the “only bottom” and “only top” heating elements. Also a useful pastry plate and a rotisserie kit are included.
2,700.00 (SAR)

GAS Oven 60 cm with Rotisserie 510-821 X

Alterum ovens are elegant and efficient. The sleek design of stainless steel and glass is combined with the essential key cooking functions. Great attention to details, to finishing, the fine quality of the materials and the traditional “Made in Italy” crafting skills, are blended with a sober and simple style.
2,450.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven 60 cm 610-500 XR

A window on cooking world This Multifunction ovens have a choice of three kind of door opening: Standard – Left Hand – Righ Hand side opening. Together they form a matching pair in your kitchen. What is the most comfortable for you?
2,950.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven with Maxi Cavity AS XLA 800

Oven for a perfect cooking with a huge cavity Extremely EASY TO CLEAN due its special enamel and easy to exctract system of inner door glasses, tilting grill and the fat filter. FLEXI SPACE (72 liters) with 6 levels racks.
3,500.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven AS ELIO 800

Perfect cooking and high efficiency EASY TO CLEAN due its special enamel and easy to exctract system of inner door glasses and the fat filter.
2,950.00 (SAR)

Electric Multifunction Oven 45 cm x 60 cm 610-100X

The compact oven, combines the specifications of a real multifunction product with a 35 litres cavity resulting in a superb cooking performance. Perfect for small spaces or as additional second oven into your kitchen.
2,950.00 (SAR)