Best Tips to Clean Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops have made cooking an extraordinary experience. These induction cooktops can cook in a clean and efficient manner. The modern cooktops allow consumers to save up to 70% energyand enjoy the benefits of professional cooking.

Do you own an induction cooktop? Most of the induction cooktop owners are already aware of the benefits of these equipments, but here are some benefits for readers who are still using the conventional cooking methods.

Induction Cooktops are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for domestic use
  • Easy to clean

These benefits indicate the superiority of induction cooktops over other conventional gas and electric cooktops. However, clean induction cooktop is not about wiping off the spilled water and you need to follow some important steps for cleaning your induction cooktop.

How Can You Clean Induction Cooktop?

Most of the people consider cleaning cooktops easier as compared to the conventional cooktops because only the container is heated ensuring negligible baking of the spilled liquids. However, induction cooktops have a glass ceramic surface and it might suffer abrasions and scratches in the process. It is important to clean induction cooktop regularly for efficient results.

1. Tips for Regular Cleaning

  • Wait until the cooktop cools down and use a damp sponge to wipe off any cooking spills.
  • Pour small amount of cooktop cleaner over the cooktop and rub the top with paper towel until the surface is clean.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off the cleaner from the cooktop surface.

2. Tips for Heavy Cleaning

  • Once the cooktop is clean, use some white vinegar and clean hard water spots from the cooktop.
  • For areas with hardened residue, use ceramic cooktop cleaner and clean it with a cooktop cleaner pad. You can repeat the process for fine cleaning results.
  • Use a cooktop scraper to remove any residue, but avoid excessive pressure to avoid any scratches. Once the residue is removed, scrap it off the surface.
  • Use a ceramic cooktop cleaner with a paper towel for cleaning the surface. It is best to use a dry cloth to clean any excessive cleaner from the surface.

3. Clean Induction Cooktop: Tips for Cleaning Different Parts of Induction Cooktop

  • Glass ceramic surface: Buy a soft cloth along with glass ceramic cooktop cream for cleaning the surface. Use a dry towel to clean off the cooktop after pouring some cleaning cream over the surface.
  • Stainless steel part: For cleaning stainless steel component, use grain for wiping the surface. Make sure to choose non-abrasive cleaner such as soapy water for cleaning the stainless steel surface. Take care of any watermarks on your induction cooktop.
  • Remove hard water spots: Water has some minerals that might settle down over the surface of the cooktop. Use undiluted white vinegar with a clean cloth and then apply some cooktop cleaner cream to add to the final touch.

4. Induction cooktop cleaners to avoid

  • Chlorine bleach cleaners
  • Metal souring pads
  • Flammable cleaners
  • Caustic cleaners
  • Dishwashing agents
  • Scrub sponges
  • Powdery cleaners


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